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Write-in Daniel Cobble for U.S. Senator (KY-I)

He's Needed in Washington to Stop Avoidable Crises

          Since 2008 Mr. Cobble has predicted and even put himself into harms way to stop the routinely perpetrated and avoidable crises in the U.S. that have severely complicated life for Americans. His actions are well documented. If Kentuckians & "out-of-State supporters" can tolerate his "convention for solving problems," then they should elect him to the Senate. For with the people's support, Cobble will promote the policies that can repair America (see his "partial agenda" below).

          His disposition stems from Founding Father John Adams, "that Gov'mt cannot be trusted." This is the healthiest attitude because then "you" are forced to scrutinize Gov'mt to ensure its proper operation. Otherwise, when trusting Gov'mt as in past decades, we leave our lives to chance to unchecked policies issued against our interests (see the COVID lawsuits). -- But a "people of scrutiny" must be willing to organize so the "responsibility of government" does not fall on a few people. To spread this responsibility, years ago Cobble developed the Voters Response Union (VRU) framework for organizing the population into proposing the proper, lawful policies for Gov'mt. The VRU would be the lobby mechanism for disenfrenchised Americans and issues ignored by Gov'mt today.

          For today, voting in Mitch McConnell or Amy McGrath will only continue policies that keeps us in crisis. Instead, Cobble's anti-crisis policies are practical and some are required by law and the U.S. Constitution. His presence in Washington will be a bellwether between both parties to "hold their feet to the fire." Your electing Cobble is the "protest vote" needed to tame Washington. Otherwise, the U.S. will remain on its downward spiral.

          The most pressing business now is to actively support the COVID lawsuits to end this nightmare and would stop the $transfer-of-wealth to Wall Street corporations, the other avoidable, silent crisis. And demand Trump to resign from office; see Petition-letter below. (Even if he does not resign now, our demands will build momentum as we move toward November.) Any politician who supports the $transfer-of-wealth should be booted out of Office.

          And yet, the other looming crisis is voting-in Joe Biden who apparently is losing his mental faculties and thus not fit for the Presidency either. With China becoming ever more agressive around the world, an incompetent President Biden would be yet another threat to our national security. To solve this problem, Cobble proposes the States' Delgates of the Democrat Party to select & vote-in another candidate to replace Joe Biden (Cobble proposes Michael Bloomberg as the strongest of the candidates for the Presidency).

          But it must be done soon.

          Hence, Cobble's proposals will un-complicate life in America, but he needs your support to move in that direction (inclu. $donations from out-of-State).

Cobble's partial agenda below should be the agenda of the Republicans and Democrats. If so, he would not need to run for office. President Trump appointing the new Postmaster General to slow down the mail for politics is just another reason he should be removed from office.


Page 16 in Section 4 of lawsuit.

Stopping $transfer-of-wealth to Wall Street corporations will fix the economy for your financial security. Not the constant borrowing from the Federal Reserve for so-called stimulus checks, etc. See below how we are destroying the U.S. dollar / economy through these practices.