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April 1, 2013 Notice of Appearance
Below, this Notice of Appearance has three Certificates of liens attached to certify the liens are still on file with the Sec. of State's Registry record (SoS). 

These certifications are acquired after a court issues a bogus order falsely declaring the liens null & void. A lien cannot be declared null & void unless someone files an Affidavit with the SoS to specify the problem with the lien. If no such declaration is filed, thereof, then the court cannot issue a lawful order to remove the lien. At that point, only a trial by jury can remove the lien, as requested by the Owner of the lien(s). The Owner is also known as the Secured Party.

Wherefore, Certification of a lien makes a court's order a "liar" and ineffective, since the lien still remains before the court until it is ratified (approved) or removed by jury trial. A court's refusal to ratify a valid lien is a fraud and violation of due process, a criminal act by the judge.

Cobble came to the courthouse to appear in court on April 8, 2013, but he was denied entry into the courthouse by sheriff deputies.