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Judge Kevin Delahanty Tampers w/ Court Records (8/19/08)

Believe or not, Judge Kevin Delahanty (Jefferson Co. District Court) returned / removed both of my Aug. 15 pleadings from the court record. Please see his Aug. 18, '08 order, below, with my two court-stamped originals signed in blue ink.

Removing documents from the court records is a felony under KRS 519.060, not to mention conspiracy, obstruction-of-justice and collusion.

Delahanty's order denying my Motion-for-reconsideration and remanding County Attorney Warner's Motion-for-sanctions against me was prepared by Warner, himself. This means that Warner initiated the disposal of his own motion to avoid having to answer the issues in my 8/15/08 Response. This is conspiracy with Delahanty to the max. Of course, we deal with these shenanigans from these officials all the time.