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The absence of Trump's leadership (example: illegally requiring States to bid on medical supplies) should tell Americans a lot about Gov'mt deception, including from the CDC. To avoid our slaughter, Americans must demand Trump's resignation and the implementation of an outdoor fresh air strategy that kills COVID-19, including inside our bodies (see Mar. 27 letter>>). Everyone, including COVID patients & caregivers, needs ongoing exposure to outdoor fresh air.

(Hint: Outddor homeless people are not getting the virus.)

This strategy is inexpensive, and upon working, can kill-off COVID-19 within two weeks because the virus would have no place to hide from outdoor air. -- Theoretically, the strategy could've have been successful against the 1917 Spanish flu (also a corona DNA strain).

What does it mean that Gov'mt is promoting obviously weak protocols for COVID-19?

          Well, it means several things: They intend to make $$billions on the vaccines. They already have the vaccines. And, as warned months ago, they are preparing to give a weakened U.S. and Europe over to the communists, compliments of Donald Trump.

"When he joined Chase Bank, I thought Mr. Bezos wanted to solve the healthcare problem." -- D. Cobble

Restoring Property Value through Debt-forgiveness

It can be clearly seen that debt forgiveness will restore (increase) the value of everyones property (real estate, stocks, bonds, values of companies, etc.), because much of the unsecured dollars that's causing the currently massive debt loads will no longer counter people's assets. Our ratios of assets-to-liability will return to balance. (Also, see Issue #2 in the Petition against the Federal Reserve.)

However, such healthy balance can only be maintained by requiring banks to put-up full collateral for the money they borrow from the Feds.

Real estate values, as only one example, should quickly rebound, and therefore, this will ease the budget woes suffered by states and municipalities.

Please Demand Public Hearings for
this Case, 3:08-cv-516

On Oct. 2, '08, a motion for injunction and preliminary hearings was filed in court. For our National Security, please demand public hearings for this case. Contact your Congressmen, and:

    Chief Judge John G. Heyburn, II
    U.S. District Court
    601 W. Broadway, Rm. 239
    Louisville, KY 40202 (see below)

To print this form letter, click on it and drag to your desktop.