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By definition, murder requires the perpetrator to create the conditions for the killing. Burdette's DUI is only one condition of the other conditions created by management in Gov'mt.

MASS SHOOTER UPDATE: Cassidy Was on Gov'mt's Radar, Too

May 26, 2021 San Jose, CA Shooter Samuel Cassidy. While detained in 2016, he told officials of his angry background. He killed 8 at the San Jose railway shooting. (PBS Newshour, May 27, 2021) His suicide is the same MO of the jihad killings in the Middle East, the same as most mass shootings in the U.S. It is critical that the shooter dies to shut down the trail of evidence to Gov'mt operatives. Americans must demand audits of FBI & Dept of Justice transactions, and others.

Convincing people to adopt mail-in voting is one of three tactics used to steal votes.

Warnings of Quo Warrantos Sent to County Judge & County Attorney
            On Sept. 21, 2009, Cobble submitted the first of five evidentiary submissions to the state grand jury in Louisville, Kentucky (514 W. Liberty St.). These submissions identified corruption by court officials in state and federal courts, suffered by Cobble, Freeman Davis, Elizabeth Elliott, and others. 

     In Cobble's situation, federal judge Charles R. Simpson, III, assist. U.S. attorney Michael A. Bennett and other court officers illegally sought and acquired an indictment on Cobble in case 3:08cr-120. They denied Cobble a preliminary hearing to prevent his evidence from showing that the real issue was Our National Security (this was later admitted by assist. U.S. attorney Terry Cushing in the U.S. Court of Appeals). When Cobble's illegal conviction occurred,  U.S. probation officer Michael T. Clements requested an arrest warrant on Cobble, in citing that Cobble violated his probation in case 3:06cr-93 (the May 26, '06 courthouse tarring case). Yet, Clements have been repeatedly notified that there is no indictment from a grand jury in 3:06cr-93; Bennett and others have admitted they fabricated the indictment, in Cobble's Tort Claim #1571637106.

     With this evidence given to the state grand jury, in an attempt to avoid going to false imprisonment by alerting the public of these gross illegalities by federal officials, on Nov. 24, 2009 Cobble walked out of the Louisville federal courthouse, went and purchased a 5 gal. bucket of roofing tar and poured it at the entrance of the state grand jury building at 514 W. Liberty St. There was no cirminal intent, as Cobble acted in self-defense to avoid false imprisonment (he was sent to prison anyway for 10 months on 3:06cr-93, though Bennett and others admit there's no indictment in the case).

     From that 11-24-09 act of self-defense, state case 09-F-013580 was created, charging Cobble w/ criminal mischief. However, Jefferson County District Court Judge Anne Haynie and County Attorney Mike O'Connell have not allowed Cobble court filings and evidence to be placed into the official court record; many of these filings have disappeared. This is fraud and tampering with the court record, felony acts by these court officials. Judge Hayne also refuses to refund Cobble's $500 release bond, of which he did not violate his conditions of release. But refunding the bond would affirm that Cobble was held under false imprisonment by Simpson, Bennett, and Clements, requiring dismissal of the case.
     Below, Cobble warns Hayne and O'Connell that he's prepared to deliver quo warrantos to the county sheriff for their removal from office, if they do no correct this situation.