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VCF's Product Liability Fraud; Petition for Grand Jury Investigation filed w/ U.S. Attorney

I won't do much more talking to explain this Petition for Grand Jury Investigation of Value City Furniture's (VCF) product liability fraud re: its warranties and mis-representation of furniture brand. For, I believe the weight of the information speaks for itself. Though I submitted the petition to U.S. Attorney David L. Huber on Mar. 31, '08, other information continues to flow in.

You should allow yourself some time to study this information, for thorough comprehension. You can easily refer to the warranties involved, American Signature's Lifetime, multi-year Warranty (as ATTACHMENT #8 in the petition) and its Limited One-year Warranty (as ATTACHMENT #17). (VCF is the subsidiary of American Signature Furniture, Inc.)

There is another aspect of this liability fraud that I did not include in the petition, because I had not come to a complete understanding until after I conducted the April 3, '08 deposition of a VCF General Manager. It concerns how VCF mis-represents its furniture to facilitate the illegal warranty. That deposition lead to an April 25, '08 Supplementary Petition for Grand Jury Investigation to U.S. Attorney Huber.

The petition, below, is only two pages, and my affidavit is 13 pages w/ 26 Attachments. (Only Attachments #8 and #17 are included in this update. See full list of Attachments on page 15.)