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The absence of Trump's leadership (example: illegally requiring States to bid on medical supplies) should tell Americans a lot about Gov'mt deception, including from the CDC. To avoid our slaughter, Americans must demand Trump's resignation and the implementation of an outdoor fresh air strategy that kills COVID-19, including inside our bodies (see Mar. 27 letter>>). Everyone, including COVID patients & caregivers, needs ongoing exposure to outdoor fresh air.

(Hint: Outddor homeless people are not getting the virus.)

This strategy is inexpensive, and upon working, can kill-off COVID-19 within two weeks because the virus would have no place to hide from outdoor air. -- Theoretically, the strategy could've have been successful against the 1917 Spanish flu (also a corona DNA strain).

What does it mean that Gov'mt is promoting obviously weak protocols for COVID-19?

          Well, it means several things: They intend to make $$billions on the vaccines. They already have the vaccines. And, as warned months ago, they are preparing to give a weakened U.S. and Europe over to the communists, compliments of Donald Trump.

"When he joined Chase Bank, I thought Mr. Bezos wanted to solve the healthcare problem." -- D. Cobble

Copy of this Quo Warranto was also delivered to:
[Updates of] Quo Warranto served upon David L. Huber, United States Attorney in Louisville, KY.
Certified Mail Tracer: 7001 0320 0005 6653 9371

SUMMARY: Mr. Huber has been steadily violating me since my May 26, 06 tarring of the federal courthouse in Louisville, Kentucky. In that criminal case, 3:06-cr-93-R, he filed a fake indictment against me on June 21, '06. On June 27 I was arraigned on that indictment.

Since March 31, '08, Mr. Huber has refused my formal Petitions for a Grand Jury investigation into case 3:06-cv-631-M, showing evidence that Value City Furniture (VCF) is committing interstate product liability fraud. The evidence and allegations have not been disputed by VCF or the associated officers-of-the-court.

On May 19, '08 Mr. Huber and Assist. U.S. Attorney, Brady Miller, committed fraud and conspiracy when they stepped outside their jurisdiction to intervene and takeover tort case 3:08-cv-123-T. Tort claims are not prosecuted by U.S. Attorneys, but are argued from the DoJ Tort Branch in Washington, D.C. Huber's motive, again, was to obstruct proceedings to deny Cobble due process by having the case dismissed.

A certified copy of the quo warranto was sent (served) to Robert Mueller, Director of the FBI, because his office has the authority to remove Mr. Huber from office, based on my criminal allegations. By my right, Director Mueller is required to remove Mr. Huber if he does not factually dispute my allegations. (To remove a U.S. District judge, for example, copy of the quo warranto would be submitted to the Judiciary Committee in Congress.)

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

September, 2008, Monday

I served a QUO WARRANTO for removal of David L. Huber, a United States Attorney at the U.S. Dept. of Justice. He is based in Louisville, Kentucky.

September 8, 2008, Monday
Quo Warranto Mailing Receipts