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The absence of Trump's leadership (example: illegally requiring States to bid on medical supplies) should tell Americans a lot about Gov'mt deception, including from the CDC. To avoid our slaughter, Americans must demand Trump's resignation and the implementation of an outdoor fresh air strategy that kills COVID-19, including inside our bodies (see Mar. 27 letter>>). Everyone, including COVID patients & caregivers, needs ongoing exposure to outdoor fresh air.

(Hint: Outddor homeless people are not getting the virus.)

This strategy is inexpensive, and upon working, can kill-off COVID-19 within two weeks because the virus would have no place to hide from outdoor air. -- Theoretically, the strategy could've have been successful against the 1917 Spanish flu (also a corona DNA strain).

What does it mean that Gov'mt is promoting obviously weak protocols for COVID-19?

          Well, it means several things: They intend to make $$billions on the vaccines. They already have the vaccines. And, as warned months ago, they are preparing to give a weakened U.S. and Europe over to the communists, compliments of Donald Trump.

"When he joined Chase Bank, I thought Mr. Bezos wanted to solve the healthcare problem." -- D. Cobble

Request to Alison Lundergan Grimes to Reinstate Valid Liens (UCC Financing Statements)

BACKGROUND: Below, the Request to Secretary of State Grimes regards the three liens filed on Tort Claim COB-2012-0419. The undisputed claim shows how Judge Ive MazeLouisville Transportation Co. (LTC) and the lawfirm Middleton Reutling, P.S.C. conspired to prevent processing Cobble's accident claim. This is even though LTC admitted fault in the accident. The accident occurred on April 5, 2011, where Cobble received ongoing treatment for his injuries. LTC has not replaced his totaled vehicle.

The pdf includes Cobble's May 31, 2013 Complaint to Sheriff John Audrey w/ evidentiary Exhibits A thru R, and the May 25, 2013 Ethics Complaint to the Judicial Conduct Commission.