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The absence of Trump's leadership (example: illegally requiring States to bid on medical supplies) should tell Americans a lot about Gov'mt deception, including from the CDC. To avoid our slaughter, Americans must demand Trump's resignation and the implementation of an outdoor fresh air strategy that kills COVID-19, including inside our bodies (see Mar. 27 letter>>). Everyone, including COVID patients & caregivers, needs ongoing exposure to outdoor fresh air.

(Hint: Outddor homeless people are not getting the virus.)

This strategy is inexpensive, and upon working, can kill-off COVID-19 within two weeks because the virus would have no place to hide from outdoor air. -- Theoretically, the strategy could've have been successful against the 1917 Spanish flu (also a corona DNA strain).

What does it mean that Gov'mt is promoting obviously weak protocols for COVID-19?

          Well, it means several things: They intend to make $$billions on the vaccines. They already have the vaccines. And, as warned months ago, they are preparing to give a weakened U.S. and Europe over to the communists, compliments of Donald Trump.

"When he joined Chase Bank, I thought Mr. Bezos wanted to solve the healthcare problem." -- D. Cobble

[Updates on] Petition Filed Against Bush and Federal Reserve
Federal Case 03:08-cv-516

SUMMARY: This lawsuit was necessary due to the glaring dangers of the bailout package of U.S. Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson, Jr. The Petition tells the Court that since the $700 billion will likely be unsecured dollars, it will cause increased hyper-inflation to collapse the U.S. dollar.

The Petition brings other critical issues to show how Feds policy is threatening national security (including the structural problems of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac). -- It is the trillions of dollars of unsecured loans issued by the Feds that's caused the banks, etc., to become mired in debt. And therefore, this odious debt may be forgiven to return the economy to balance.

On Oct. 2, '08, Cobble filed a motion for injunction and preliminary hearings. The injunction is for stopping implementation of Paulson's plan until public hearings can address critical issues of the Petition. Please contact Chief Judge John G. Heyburn, II, to demand that public hearings be held immediately.

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Sept. 29, '08, Wednesday,
I filed a motion for injunction and preliminary hearings. See the Summary at the top of this page.

Sept. 29, '08, Wednesday,
I filed a Petition against President Bush, Feds Chairman Ben Bernanke, U.S. Treasury Secretary Paulson, and others. The Petition has a heading of, Feds Policy is Threatening National Security. See the Summary at the top of this page.