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The absence of Trump's leadership (example: illegally requiring States to bid on medical supplies) should tell Americans a lot about Gov'mt deception, including from the CDC. To avoid our slaughter, Americans must demand Trump's resignation and the implementation of an outdoor fresh air strategy that kills COVID-19, including inside our bodies (see Mar. 27 letter>>). Everyone, including COVID patients & caregivers, needs ongoing exposure to outdoor fresh air.

(Hint: Outddor homeless people are not getting the virus.)

This strategy is inexpensive, and upon working, can kill-off COVID-19 within two weeks because the virus would have no place to hide from outdoor air. -- Theoretically, the strategy could've have been successful against the 1917 Spanish flu (also a corona DNA strain).

What does it mean that Gov'mt is promoting obviously weak protocols for COVID-19?

          Well, it means several things: They intend to make $$billions on the vaccines. They already have the vaccines. And, as warned months ago, they are preparing to give a weakened U.S. and Europe over to the communists, compliments of Donald Trump.

"When he joined Chase Bank, I thought Mr. Bezos wanted to solve the healthcare problem." -- D. Cobble

[Updates of] The Vonage Soft-subscription Scam
Letters to the Federal Trade Commission

When Ms. Connie Marshall recently told me that Vonage still had not refunded her subscription fee, then this story is still relevant.

Vonage is subscribing consumers to its computer phone service without qualifying them for DSL service. When these consumers find out that they cannot get DSL, their fees must be refunded, but Vonage is very slow about doing it. It's called the soft-subscription scam, because the fees are only meant to kept for as long as possible for Vonage to accrue interest on the fees, and then refunded.

An equal indictment of this unlawful behavior is upon the Federal Trade Commission, whom said that they would not take any action against Vonage at this time. What is the total of unqualified subscribers fees that Vonage has in its bank accounts?

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Early April, 2008
I received a response letter from the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) regarding Vonage's questionable activities. FTC says it will hold my letters on file and watch for a pattern of unlawful behavior.

March 17, 2008, Monday #1
In my March 14 letter to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) about the soft subscription scam (March 14, '08 update), I forgot to mention to Commissioner Harbour that Vonage Customer Service threatened me with an additional "temporary cancelation fee," before they would refund my sign-up fee.

So, I sent the FTC Commissioner a follow-up letter about that experience, too.

March 14, 2008, Friday
I sent a letter to the Federal Trade Commission, asking them to require Vonage Marketing, Inc. to refund my sign-up fee that the company acquired by their soft subscription scam. - Vonage provides phone service through computers that have broadband dsl service.

The scam is called the "soft subscription scam," because on its face nothing is done illegally. It was only when they refused to promptly refund my sign-up fee, after learning that I did not qualify for the service, that I realized I was being scammed.

Apparently, the company holds the un-qualified sign-up fees in its bank accounts for as long as possible, to collect interest revenues, prior to refunding them. I went along with the scam until they resisted refunding my fee.